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Wesley Firm, LLC – Law and Mediation

Wesley Firm, LLC, is a boutique law practice focusing on all aspects of insurance coverage and defense. We like what we do, and we are good at what we do. We are also small enough to provide excellent service for less than large firms. With attorneys licensed in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee, (and taking the South Carolina Bar) Wesley Firm, LLC, attorneys practice throughout the entire southern United States, and assist clients on a national basis.

The firm serves the admitted and non-admitted markets, including the London Market, managing general agents, brokers, independent adjusters, cover holders, and third-party administrators throughout the United States, in both insurance coverage and defense. We also monitor litigation on a nationwide level, serve as national counsel on select programs, and serve as local counsel in all of these arenas as well.

Wesley Firm, LLC, was formed to provide direct, personal service to clients by combining big firm experience and knowledge with small firm personal service tailored to each client. We have close relationships with the people we serve, and achieve favorable results by employing that familiarity with strategy.  The firm contours its services to each client as no carrier, or its agents, operates exactly the same way. We know what our clients want in a given situation and strive to deliver that result.

We are proud of the client relationships we have formed over time throughout the United States and in the London market. We are very familiar with the London system and employ that knowledge to defend Insurers and their agents in various courts and other proceedings to attempt to avoid unnecessary time, expense, and confusion.  We understand the relationships between the insurer, brokers, adjusters, retail agents, managing general agents, cover holders, third party administrators, and other related entities and routinely represent them with respect to all facets of liability, including coverage and business issues.

We have assisted with board of directors’ issues, written policies for liability and property, financing and premium issues, obtaining approval for premium rates and policy language, broker tax compliance, and a multitude of other transactional situations that require creativity and diligence to navigate.

When serving as direct defense counsel we take the time to personalize our relationships with the Insured and are accessible and supporting as he or she likely encounters litigation for the first time. Some of the Insureds do not speak English as a first language or experience cultural barriers to the American justice system. Many are small business owners or homeowners with much at stake. We guide the defendant through the process at every step. We find that open, honest communication fosters collaboration and cooperation at all levels to steer litigation towards effective resolution.

Nanette is a registered mediator with the state of Georgia and is conveniently located North so you do not have to drive as far to get a resolution.